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Why choose a structured settlement?

Expert WitnessIn today's uncertain financial climate, a structured settlement offers peace of mind. Your structured settlement provides a stream of payments specifically tailored to your personal and family needs. You don't have to worry about the responsibilities and risks of managing a lump sum settlement to meet the needs of a  lifetime. The payments come from a financially secure source. Federal law regulates how structured settlements are established.

What are federal laws that govern structured settlements?

The Periodic Payment Settlement Act of 1982 explicitly encourages the use of structured settlements. In 1997, after 15 years of success with structured settlements, Congress approved legislation to promote structured settlements for workers compensation cases. And in 2002, President Bush signed legislation containing important consumer protections that further benefit structured settlement recipients.

How are payments "guaranteed"?

Your structured settlements payments are funded by either US Treasury obligations or life insurance company annuities - two of the safest funding sources available.

Do structured settlements offer a solid financial return?

Yes, Under current law, structured settlement payments are completely tax free from federal and state income taxes. Congress created this significant financial advantage to give beneficiaries a strong incentive to choose a structured settlement.

Could Future events change my payment?

Structured settlements funded with US Treasuries or fixed annuity contracts are guaranteed not to change, no matter what happens with interest rates or the stock market. These payments are a secure source of income that can also incorporate cost-of-living adjustments, stepped payment increases and future lump sums for additional flexibility.

Structured settlements offer tailored solutions to settlement planning to ensure successful claim resolutions.

Stephen C. Dodge, CSSC
Syracuse University, BS
43 years structured settlement and claims management experience
Past Director of NSSTA Board

Don Williams, CSSC
Vice President
East Carolina University
8 years structured settlement experience   

Tiffany Jackson
8 years structured settlement experience

Daria Cook
Structured Settlement Consultant
Villanova University, BSBA
11 years structured settlement experience

Molly Rigali
Administrative Assistant
Miami University,  BS
3 years structured settlement experience 

Joan A. Berk, JD, CSSC
Structured Settlement Consultant
University of Miami, B.ED
University of Miami, JD
12 years structured settlement experience
8 years plaintiff’s personal injury attorney FL
27 years medical malpractice defense attorney NY
Admitted to Florida Bar and New York Bar
Past President NAIWNYC

Joanne Dodge, CSSC
Vice President
Syracuse University, BS
10 years structured settlement experience
12 years claims system analysis experience

Jennifer Daniels, CSSC, CPCU, MBA
Structured Settlement Consultant
UNC- Charlotte, MBA
Appalachian State University, BSBA
9 years structured settlement experience
11 years liability claims experience

Sharon Massey
9 years structured settlement experience

Peter Kuzma, CSSC
Structured Settlement Broker
Villanova University, BSBA
40 years structured settlement experience
15 years claims settlement experience

Amy Genick
Radford University, BS
6 years structured settlement experience
12 years paralegal experience

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